Harness Types

Harness Styles 

  1. Standard: This harness has a front vest for the dogs chest. This harness is meant for small to medium sized dogs and covers all concerns that a harness should: It won’t choke your dog like a collar, it is lightweight so your dog should be comfortable, and your dog shouldn’t be able to escape from the harness without doing a CONSIDERABLE amount of acrobatics.
    Standard Chest Harness
    Standard Chest Harness Back
  2. Tactical: This harness is ideal for dogs who pull. It has a front vest AND a back vest. I recommended this harness for dogs who are very active and will try and pull and escape.                                    
    Tactical Harness
    Tactical Harness Back
  3. Easy On: This harness got its name because of its ease of use. It slips over the head and buckles under the chest/stomach area. This is similar to our standard harness as it can be highly customized and decorative. It also wears low on the next and will not choke or put pressure on the trachea when the dog pulls. Proper fitment of the chest strap is around the belly where the chest starts to taper. This keeps the dog secure and unable to escape. Personally, this is our Frenchie's favorite!   
    Easy On Harness
    Easy On Harness Back
  4. Step In: This harness got its name because it has two slots that your dog steps into to put the harness on. Similar to the tactical harness this is great for dogs who want to try and pull and escape. This harness is made only of straps, so If your dog doesn’t like wearing stuff or can easily overheat this harness is a great option.                                       
    Step In Harness
    Step In Harness Back